“I suffered from depression and sleepless nights for 24 years. I
have been to the hospital all these years without solution.
I never slept normally. I was placed on heavy sedatives, before
I could sleep. I saw this as not being normal! That was how I
joined this Commission in September last year, because of
these health challenges.
During the one of the Sunday services in October last year, the
Bishop gave us a prophetic mantle and instructed us to tie it
wherever we had any challenge.
Meanwhile, I had a lump on my body, so, I first applied the
mantle there. After 15 minutes, I placed the mantle on my
head. Since then, I have been sleeping like a baby! God has
healed me completely!” -Evang. Taiwo, G. O.

“I joined this commission 2012. At Shiloh 2011, I heard a testimony of how God destroyed marital spell in a family and how 11 members of the family got married that year. I was amazed and i keyed into it.
In 2012, I attended the miracle marriage Service in 2013, the bishop said God told him to lay hands on everyone. While at the viewing center i stretched my hands towards the screen, placed it on my forehead and believed my case was settled. To the glory of God shortly after that service, my sister met her husband in June 2013 and they got married in October 2013 at the age of 40. Also in February 2014, I was colourfully married. Praise the Lord!”
Bro. Babatunde Aderonke

“At the beginning of the year, the Bishop declared that it shall be a year of divine surprises. I believed that word and re-committed myself to obeying instructions from this altar. There was a particular state government in Nigeria that bought assorted products worth N36 million from my company, but refused to pay. For over a year I tried to get the money but to no avail. The government officials told us to give them 10% of the money they owed us as a bribe, before they made the payment; but I refused. Earlier this year, in one of the Business and Career Breakthrough Services the bishop shared with us from Psalm 34v5:

“They looked unto him, and were enlightened: and their faces were not ashamed.”

He further said, “Anytime you are looking unto man, never claim to be looking unto God” I studied and prayed with that scripture until it became so real to me. Last month, I received a call from an aide to the Governor of that state, who had never met me before. He said he heard about the money they owed us and that he had taken the matter to the Governor personally. He was very apologetic and called back instructing that I resend the account details. Miraculously, few days later, the N36 million, Which they owed me for more than a year, was paid without bribe. I give God all the glory!”
Bukunmi O.

“In may 2012, the devil struck and I was almost gone, if not for my wife who was around. When we got to the hospital, the doctor said I had cancer of he blood, diabetes, hypertension and hepatitis B. I broke down; I could neither walk nor sleep. I remembered the Bishop said,”Diseases that kill others will not kill you.” I keyed into that word. I also got Pastor Faith Oyedepo’s book, Rescued from Destruction and started ‘Divine Physiotherapeutic’ treatment for all the diseases. From the book, I discovered that God had given me power to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all powers of the enemy and they should by no means hurt me. From that word, I started walking. Now I am whole! I can walk, I sleep well and I drove myself to church! I give praise to God!”
Evang. Abiodun, O.

“In 2010, before I joined this Commission, I used to smoke, drink alcohol and I had been eating in the dream. Apart from that,I had been suffering from heart palpitation and hypertension. When I joined this Ministry, I started listening ti God’s word from the mouth of the Bishop, and putting them to work. Lo and behold, God surprised me! He delivered me from smoking and drinking! Not only that, He healed me od hypertension and heart palpitation! Also, I was delivered from eating in he dream! I thank God for delivering me. I return all the glory to Him!”
Ayo A.

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