Get to stay in tune with the latest events and announcements happening at Winner’s Chapel Edmonton.

  1. PRAISE THE LORD! Operation Come and See is only two weeks to go. Consequently, be reminded that Morning and Evening raids hold only on Monday and Tuesday this week in view of the Week of Spiritual Emphasis that holds this week. Time is 8-10am and 5-6pm daily
  2. Praise the Lord! Our Social Media ‘Come and See’ Raid continues all through this Operation. In light of this, every member  with testimonies in line with the Specialized Service for each week is encouraged to send the video clips of their testimonies to media unit at winnerschapeledmonton@gmail.comor Those who may need help to get video clip of their testimonies out are advised to contact Bro Frank of media Unit on, 416-841-3704 to document their testimonies.Members are also encouraged to circulate such video clips to all platforms on all available Social Media as we continue on this aggressive push to compel many of our friends, neighbours, colleagues and all our acquaintances to see the great acts of God in this Church, so as to come and experience their own supernatural change of story. Amen 
  3. COVENANT HOUR OF PRAYER! Our daily covenant hour of prayer continues tomorrow Monday to Saturday. Time is 5:30am – 6:30amMonday to Friday and 10am on Saturday
  4. WEEK OF SPIRITUAL EMPHASIS! Our Week of Spiritual Emphasis for June 2019 holds this week from Wednesday, June 5, to Friday 7, 2019. As our custom is, we shall be waiting on the Lord in a fast for our desired turnarounds both as a church and as individuals for the month of June and converge here in the church to break with the Communion. Note that Friday shall be a breakthrough service. Time is 6:00pm – 7:30pm
  5. NEW TIME FOR OUR MIDWEEK SERVICE! In a bid to centralize our service time in the Mission to North and South America which has started in all other locations. Our Wednesday-Midweek schedule beginning from Wednesday June 26, 2019 commences from 7:00 –8:30pm. Please, let’s continue to spread the good news to families and friends in good faith! In the name of Jesus, Abrahamic order of new chapters shall be opened to this assembly and individual members as the Lord lives– Gen 22:16-19
  6. HEALING SERVICE! Special healing service holds next Sunday after service. All the afflicted and oppressed shall experience the healing touch of Jesus that will establish their testimonies. Time is 11:30am to 12:30pm.
  7. SATURDAY-WINNERS’ SATELITE FELLOWSHIP! Our house-to-house fellowship holds every Saturday at our respective WSF centers around Edmonton and adjoining cities. We are all expected to be a part of this for our spiritual growth and development. Please locate a center close to you by navigating through the church website and the church-App. Time: 6:00pm to 7.00pm.
  8. CHURCH ENGAGEMENT APP AND SOCIAL MEDIA! Members are reminded to follow us on all our social media platforms @winnerschapeledmonton for all weekly church activities and inspirational words tagged ‘PASTORS’ HEART’
  9. SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! The children’s unit of the church is accepting new teachers to join the department. Interested members who are willing to serve in this capacity should contact Sister Theresa Chika-James
  10. BELIEVERS FOUNDATION CLASS!Our Winners Believers’ Foundation and Membership Class for this month of June holds on June 16, 2019 immediately after service. All old members, new members and new converts who have not attended this class are to be in attendance for their victorious Christian living. Venue is at the teens church. 
  11. WOFBI AUGUST 2019 SPECIAL!The Word of Faith Bible Institute holds Basic Certificate Course-BCC from Monday August 12 to Saturday August 17, 2019. It shall be a one-week intensive class. Time is 7:30am to 5:30pm daily. All our new converts, new members and longstanding members who have not attended are encouraged to be a part of this destiny-molding bible school. Members who are willing to come for a refresher course are also welcome. Registration and Tuition is free for new converts, new members who joined the church from January this year till date. While the registration and tuition is $20 for every longstanding member. Registration forms are available with the Ushers. Note that Sunday July 21, 2019 is the final day for submission of forms.
  12. BOOKS OF THE MONTH!The books of the month authored by Bishop David Oyedepo include: *Walking in wisdom   *The Wisdom that Works *Winning Wisdom
  13. NEXT SUNDAY THE JUNE 9, 2019 AT WCI-EDMONTON shall be our MARITAL BREAKTHROUGH. It shall also double as our SPECIAL MONTHLY COMMUNION SERVICE. Be sure to come along with your invitees, neighbours, relatives and other loved ones. Service schedule is 9am