Get to stay in tune with the latest events and announcements happening at Winner’s Chapel Edmonton.

  1. PRAISE THE LORD! Operation Rescue is only 3 full days more to go. Everyone is admonished to be spiritually awake to take full advantage of the moments remaining to fully deliver our various portions of Operation Rescue. Every engaging Winner is sure to return with amazing change of story order of testimonies, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

  2. Covenant Hour of Prayer continues tomorrow, Monday to Friday Time: 5:30 – 6:30am, and on Saturday 10:00am. We are all admonished to be part of this for our spiritual growth and enhancement. 

  3. SPECIAL OPERATION RESCUE OUTREACH! Our first mass outreach tagged ‘OPERATION RESCUE OUTREACH’ holds this Saturday at 12:20pm to 2pm. All members are encouraged to be a part of this operation by engaging in soul winning exercise. Our labour shall be rewarded in Jesus name. Amen!

  4. SATURDAY-WINNERS’ SATELITE FELLOWSHIP! Our house-to-house fellowship holds every Saturday at our respective WSF centers around Edmonton and adjoining cities. We are all expected to be a part of this for our spiritual growth and development. Please locate a center close to you by navigating through the church website and the church-App. Time: 6:00pm to 7.00pm.

  5. GOOD NEWS! A new Winners Satelite Fellowship (WSF) center shall be opened this Saturday. The address is 7020 Chivers Loop SW, Edmonton, T6W 3Y7. All members living in and around this area are encouraged to be a part of this WSF this Saturday. Contact can be reached at 403-828-0167

  6. GOODNEWS! Special healing service holds this coming Sunday immediately after the service. Bring all the afflicted and oppressed for an encounter with God at this service. As they come, they shall experience the healing touch of Jesus that will establish their testimonies.

  7. WCI-EDMONTON CHURCH-APP AND SOCIAL MEDIA! Note that this church engages the church-App and different social media platforms for effective publicity of the prophetic services. Therefore, every member is admonished to download the church-App by visiting the church website. You are also encouraged to subscribe and follow this church on all our social media platforms i.e Facebook, Instagram and Youtube channel @winnerschapeledmonton.

  8. TESTIMONIES! Members with striking testimonies of the wonders of God in their lives are encouraged to document such testimonies and email them to [email protected]

  9. NEW MEMBERS AND NEW COVERTS GET TOGETHER holds this Saturday here in the church at 11:30am -12:15pm. All the concerned including the unit heads and WSF officials are to be in attendance.

  10. FULL TIME PASTORAL ENLISTMENT! Enlistment Opportunities for Full Time Pastors is on. All members of the Winners Family in North and South America that have the call of God on their lives to serve as Full-time Pastors in this Commission are encouraged to pick forms from the Church Office.

  11. NEXT SUNDAY MARCH 31, 2019 AT WCI-EDMONTON is a done deal for Operation Rescue, where we shall be having Special Thanksgiving for Mission Accomplished. It Shall also be our ENCOUNTER WITH DESTINY service. Come expecting an encounter from God via the prophetic Word. Time is 9am.

  12. The books of the month authored by Bishop David Oyedepo include:

    • Unlimited Power of Faith
    • The Breakthrough Power of Faith
    • Exploits of Faith
    • Born to Win